T.L.T.Diamond - продажа и производство сертифицированных бриллиантов оптом и в розницу
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About us

T.L.T. DAIMOND is created in 2003 and our main activity is diamonds manufacturing . The company is a big exporter with the branched-out international network of trade and clients in the largest world diamond centers. «T.L.Т. DAIMOND» is one of leading suppliers of brilliants on Russian market, cooperating with well-known Russian manufactures of jewels.

The company is equipped by the most modern today the hi-tech equipment.

At the first stage of processing the production engineer makes a forecast of a form and parameters of future brilliants by means of computer system "Sarin" for modeling of a cut of a brilliant. The Sarin system carries out the instant analysis of rough diamond and shows, what optimum way from it it is possible to make a brilliant. After the way (cut) will be chosen, there is a possibility to set parameters of a laser marking. As the size of a brilliant is extremely important factor of its value and costs, weight loss at each stage of cutting and polishing of a stone is carefully exams by a cutter and a production engineer who supervises processing process.


At a marking on a stone put special lines which form a cutting plane, or, in case of blocking, drawing of the plane of a table of a crystal. A main objective of a marking is one brilliant or a combination of brilliants with the maximum cost.

During sawing process special machine or laser system divides a crystal into parts according to marking lines to have the best use of rough diamonds and remove natural defects of a stone that increases future cost of brilliants.

Blocking is a process of removal of superfluous weight from a crystal. They us this operation with crystals of the irregular forms or chips of crystals which can’t be spited or sawn. Result of process of a blocking is the preparation stones for use in such operations as an bruiting.

One of the most responsible operations in all cycle of diamonds manufacturing is the bruting. The rough efficiency in many aspects depends on it. The base shape of future brilliant is created during this operation.

One of the most essential parameters a brilliant estimation is quality of diamond’s cutting. Cutting allows a diamond to refract light beams at a maximum level. A cutter makes a facet by means of polishing of stone of the surface of a diamond wheel . First step is the table, than of crown’s facets, than added facet on pavilion and than facets of crown again. Each stone has a girdle that can be facetted or not, it depends on the stone’s color, because facetted girdle can improve the diamond’s color.

As operations of cutting and polishing are carried out on the same polishing wheel, they in technological process are combined. Parts of this wheel are covered with various in the sizes a diamond powder (or paste). It is necessary to say that operations of cutting and polishing are the most difficult in technological process of brilliants manufacturing.


The final stage in the manufacturing cycle is washing. The purpose of washing is to remove the oil and production dirt from a stone surface. Washing has several steps. There is a special washing solution made of a concentrated sulfuric acid with addition of a quantity of nitrate potassium, pure alcohol and the distilled water. At first brilliants are boiled in washing solution, it deletes the remained oil and dirt. After that they are repeatedly washed in the distilled water and dried by means of alcohol. Only after all these operations brilliants become pure and ready to be showed for sale, but it they are estimated by experts according to the classifications existing in each country or under international classification of group of color and clarity.