T.L.T.Diamond - продажа и производство сертифицированных бриллиантов оптом и в розницу
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+7 (495) 411-77-50
Moscow, Polkovaya str., 1, bld. 4
  • Производство и продажа бриллиантов
  • При покупке бриллианта сертификат в подарок
  • Бриллианты от компании «Т.Л.Т. ДАЙМОНД»
  • Купить бриллианты оптом и в розницу

«T.L.T.DIAMOND» – manufacturingsale of polished diamonds and jewelry with an aftersales service!

For 10 years company «T.L.T.DIAMOND» manufacture Yakutian diamonds into brilliants of the highest quality. Our brilliants are made in strict accordance with the national standard. High quality of our cut allows to have brilliants of ideal proportions, excellent shine and quality, having the proud name «Russian cut».

«T.L.T.DIAMOND» works with wholesale companies and individual clients, our stones have various weight , cut and colors.

Wish to buy a brilliant of excellent quality? Then a stone «Russian cut» is that you looked for so long ago! The quality of our stones is confirmed by Certificates and Reports of IGC, MSU laboratory and Russian Assay Chamber.

We discuss all your purchase individually, we give discount or present for you, we want all clients be happy and smiling after buying our production and we are waiting them back to buy something else.

At the present moment the company is engaged in development of the new direction of the activity – production and sale of the design jewels decorated with our brilliants.

Purchase of certificated brilliants in our company is good investments into your future and the future of your children. Besides, the experts of our company will help you with a right choice of brilliants and a nice frame.